My Name is EMPATHY, Pleased to Meet You

Fear and Anger
are the primary movers and shakers
at my own personal networking event.

Self-Pity stands in the corner
smiling thinly
eating all the finger food.

Gregariousness laughs, a glass in each hand
but is distracted by his own reflection.

Kindness checks names at the door
(no-one’s seen Perspective).

Fear and Anger take the room by storm
Pocketing everyone’s card.
It’s hard to say if anybody likes them
Or if it makes any difference.

One latecomer stands at the back
watching them circle and swarm.
Stays awhile beside Self-Pity
A gentle hand on his back
Then fades, quietly away.

The only trace he leaves behind
an unclaimed name badge on the front desk
filled out by Kindness’ careful hand:

‘My name is EMPATHY, pleased to meet you’

And so it lies, face down.