Unfit for Gents #1: John Snow you fiend of hell

July 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m so sick of men’s toilets. They’re uniformly terrible. Unclean, smelly, dark, damp… but most of all BROKEN. This is real gender inequality, and I’m going to name and shame the culprits. When I see a broken lock, soaked floor, or general mess (no, not that kind) I will take a photo and call out that establishment for gender discrimination. Because we shouldn’t stand for this shit. Or have to stand to shit. Women don’t.

This is the John Snow, Broadwick St. Nice pub, crappy toilet. One soggy cubicle with a permanently broken lock. Out of reach from the toilet, too, so a complicated leaning position must be adopted. On this occasion, bog roll was present but often isn’t. Sort it out.



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