October 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

So here’s a short story about the girl Georgina
Never seen a worse, clean young mess
Under stress at best but she’s pleased to see you
With love, God Bless, we lay her body to rest
Now it all there started with Daddy’s alcoholic
Lightweight, drinking down, numbing his brain
And the doctor said he couldn’t get the heart dere started
Now beat up, drugged up, she’s feeling the strain
She said, “In a rut what the fuck I’m supposed to do?”
Suck it out, start, stop. Keep running through
True, but you try it ain’t easy to do
She been buckle-belt, beaten from the back like a brat
Dunno where she’s going, but she know where she at
So Georgie – it’s time to chain react
But the truth is, you know, she’ll probably fall back
Tears stream down her face, she screamed away:
“When I fall, no-one catch me
Alone, lonely, I’ll overdose slowly, get scared, I’ll scream and shout”
But you know it won’t matter she’ll be passing out
I said gigidy-bigidy-up
Just another day
Another sad story that’s tragedy
Paramedic announced death at 10.30
Rip it up, kick it, spit up the views…

Jamie T – ‘Sheila’


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