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Actual genius in headline form

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Not to worry old chap

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There’s a score of harebrained children
They’re all locked in the nursery
They got earphone heads, they got dirty necks
They’re so 20th century
Well, they queue up for the bathroom
’round about 7:35
Doncha think we need a womans touch to make it come alive?

Rolling Stones – ‘Live With Me’

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I dream of a home
Far beyond the sea
Where there is love
And peace and joy for me
Oh, in my eyes I see
Troubles and dangers for me
But destiny
Where it leads me
I must go


I’ve got a hard road to travel
And a rough rough way to go
Said it’s a hard road to travel
And a rough rough way to go
But I can’t turn back, my heart is fixed
My mind’s made up, I’ll never stop
My faith will see, see me through

Jimmy Cliff – ‘Hard Road to Travel’

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My given name is Dickie, I come from Billericay
And I ain’t a slouch

So you ask Joyce and Vicki
about Billericay Dickie
I ain’t an effin’ thicky
You ask Joyce and Vicki
And I’m doing
Very well

Ian Dury and the Blockheads – ‘Billericay Dickie’

Fake Turkish Hats

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Found this on my phone, taken in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul the other week. Bonus points if you got the oblique Streets reference in this post’s title.

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