Olly’s desk

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Olly sits on my left. He just put this post it on his screen and left to get a coffee. No! I am my own man!


Ladies of the Twight

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I keep getting followed by spam Twitter accounts. I’m sure it happens to everyone but recently there’s been an increase in how often it happens to me. I don’t know why, maybe I look like a sucker. Which, ironically, is what these ‘ladies’ usually claim to be.

I don’t know who writes the blurb on these spam accounts but I’m sure that, whoever they are, they never expected to end up doing what they do. Anyway to honour them I’m going to start posting screenshots of them before I report them for spam. Here are the two most recent:

What’s an “orge” I wonder? I don’t know but I will surely consult one next time I have a question about love. Maybe it’s like a love oracle! That would be nice. Anyway, Angelique, I’m afraid I can’t “just trust” you. I don’t know, I think it’s something to do with the fact that you follow 250 times more people than you have followers.

Listen, Marta, if you really do “blow like there’s no tomorrow” surely you want to put that information up front, not stick it on the end as an afterthought? I mean, that must be some seriously frantic blowing. Apocalyptic, even. And how many guys have ever had an APOCALYPTIC BLOWJOB?

2 Minute Beats #2: ‘Dreaming’

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View from the office

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2 Minute Beats #1: ‘Going Home’

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I’m planning to make a series of tracks called ‘2 Minute Beats’.

This is the first. I made it on the Kaossilator app over three tube journeys, plus a couple of sessions in Adobe Soundbooth.

View from the 25 bus

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