Generation FUCK YOU

November 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

Dear Tony Blair/David Cameron,

I was born with nothing.

Then I went to school, where I worked pretty hard for 12 years and did pretty well.

So I went to university. Again I worked pretty hard and did pretty well.

After 3 years I left education for good.

Or so I thought. After an abortive graduate job I went back to education for one year.

I left education for good for a second time in July of this year.

During my non-consecutive 20 years of study I’ve been:

a paper boy
a shop assistant
a trolley boy
a customer services assistant
a telephone fundraiser
a care assistant
a kindergarten assistant
a tutor
a bar steward
a waiter
a warehouse assistant
an unskilled roadworker
an exam marker
a journalist

and none of those jobs were even slightly enjoyable or fulfilling.

The good news currently is that I’m on the path to a career that IS both of those things.


a) my personal debt currently stands at around £45,000

b) I work around 52 hrs/week and get paid £180/week, which works out at around 30p/hour – £5.78 less per hour than the national minimum wage

Funnily enough, I’m relatively fortunate in both of the above points, since

a) my student loan was calculated under the old system, so I owe tens of thousands of pounds less than those who’ve gone to university since

b) I’m lucky enough to be on a competitive paid work placement, unlike my contemporaries in other competitive industries such as the museums sector, where lengthy unpaid internships are the norm

Anyway, I just wanted to ask:

What did I do wrong?

Yours sincerely,

Joe Hunter


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