Homebrew #001: Iceland Sunrise Scrumpy

July 30, 2011 § Leave a comment


4 litres Iceland own-brand 100% pure apple juice
100g Iceland Blossom Honey
100g Unrefined Demerara Sugar
500ml strong tea made with 4 teabags
5g sachet Young’s Champagne Yeast


Poured 3 litres Apple juice into fermenting bucket.
Heated 1 litre Apple Juice in a pan. Added honey and sugar, stirred until dissolved. Poured straight into FB and sloshed it around to aerate.
Poured 500ml strong tea into FB, then topped up with 500ml water.
Partially snapped on FB lid, leaving one section loose to let heat out.
Cooled FB in ice and cold water bath until temp of wort reached 72F.
Added 5g sachet champagne yeast to FB, snapped lid closed, then shook vigorously for 10 secs.
Put FB in dark cupboard for 9 1/2 days, then decanted straight from bucket into wine bottles.


Lovely, light and sweet. Very drinkable but smells damn strong. Don’t have a hydrometer so I can’t measure ABV, but going off my research the sugar and honey I added (plus the use of champagne yeast) should make it around 8-9% :)


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