In Memoriam, Amy Winehouse

July 24, 2011 § 1 Comment

Who dreads to the dust returning?
Who shrinks from the sable shore
Where the high and haughty yearning
Of the soul can sting no more?
No, stand by your glasses steady
This world is a world full of lies
Raise a cup to those dead already
And hurrah for the next man that dies

‘Stand By Your Glasses Steady’ – RAF drinking song


§ One Response to In Memoriam, Amy Winehouse

  • TomDoolan says:

    Amy – She Gone

    Da sun was shining brightly
    On Saturday July 23
    Me was listening to ma radio
    When da news break ta me
    Her time on dis earth was ended
    Surely lord above it cannot be
    It’s all gone so wrong
    Amy – She gone

    Da girl with da voice so pure
    Dead at da tender age of 27
    She is flying high in da sky
    Destination a place called heaven
    She lived her life to da full
    And left us in da year 2011
    People ya got ta be strong
    Amy – She gone

    She was blessed with a gift
    Dats the price of fame
    Da burden was too great
    And her destiny it came
    She didn’t get no choice
    No one should take da blame
    The songs will live on and on
    Amy – She gone


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