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“A killer instinct runs in the blood
Emptyin’ full clips and buryin’ guns in the mud
I’ve calmed down now — I was heavy once into drugs
I could walk around straight for two months with a buzz
My brain’s gone, my soul’s worn and my spirit is torn
The rest of my body’s still bein operated on
I’m ducked the fuck down while I’m writin this rhyme
Cause I’m probably gonna get struck with lightnin’ this time”

Eminem – ‘Still Don’t Give A Fuck’


I built a website

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Mine and Olly’s online portfolio. Click here.

You rock!

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My girl’s mad at me
I didn’t wanna see the film tonight
I found it hard to say
She thought I’d had enough of her

Why can’t she see
She’s lovely to me?
But I like to stay in
And watch TV
On my own
Every now and then

Madness – ‘My Girl’

Sketches from the Booth

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When we were still working in college instead of touring agencies, each team had their own booth to work in. The room looked like a call centre. To jazz ours up, Olly and I started doing sketches during long or boring crits with Tony. My approach was to draw whatever was in my head, then elaborate on it until the crit ended or I ran out of space on the paper. The results were often… interesting. Here’s a selection:

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Woke up in the ’20s and there were flappers and fruits in white suits

It was right before the crash

We got thrashed throughout the ’30s

Queuing up for soup with scabby sores

Then they sent us off to war

We came back in the ’40s and there were wheelchairs guns and tickertape

We poured it on the floor and made love to the interstates

We got shiftless in the ’50s holding hands and going steady

Twisting into dark parts of the large midwestern cities

Tripped right through the ’60s with some blissful little hippies

Some Kennedys got shot while you were screwing San Francisco

And the ’70s got heavy we woke up on bloody carpets

Got tangled up in gaslines and I guess that’s where it started

The ’80s almost killed me let’s not recall them quite so fondly

Some Kennedy OD’d while we watched on MTV

And in the ’90s we were wired and well connected

Put it all down on technology and lost everything we invested

We gotta start it with a positive jam

We gotta start it with a positive jam, man

Gotta start it with a positive jam

The Hold Steady – ‘Positive Jam’

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