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“Well I worked on the railroad

For tuppence a day

Drank down one penny

The other I’d save

I hammered and I hammered

For God knows how long

Well into madness with each setting sun

I put my head down and I dreamt you were here

With me by the old tree where no one could care


Far away boys, far away boys

Away from you now

I’m lyin’ with my sweetheart

In her arms I’ll be found


Then the sun belched upon me

You were no longer here

Lyin’ in your place was my hammer and my gear

So I stamped out the fire that kept us both warm

The ashes were fallin’

Like the snow drops of old”


Flogging Molly – ‘Far Away Boys’

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“Sooner or later

You’re gonna have to stand up tall

Sooner or later

When your back’s against the wall

Sooner or later

You’re gonna be the one you are

And you just might find

That you’re outta time

And it’s just too late


Jimmy Cliff – ‘Sooner Or Later’

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“Well, did you hear there’s a natural order?

Those most deserving will end up with the most

The cream cannot help but always rise up to the top

Well I say… shit floats


If you thought things had changed

Friend, you’d better think again

Bluntly put in the fewest of words:

Cunts are still running the world

Cunts are still running the world”


Jarvis Cocker – ‘Running the World’

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